I received my gifts of talents,creative,writing,storytelling,music,and art amongst many other attributes from both of my parents. Most of all, I received the gift of perseverance and courage from Ancestors who whisper to me every moment of each day to “NEVER GIVE UP”!

I was told after my stroke that the doctors told my family and months later told me that they did not think I was not going to make it through. However, it was not my time to enter to enter the heavenly realm. Guess what!! I AM STILL HERE!! In the land of the living!

Many thought my journey to create an alternative stroke recovery fund was just me trying to pass my time away as I recover like a hobby. Yey, I am very serious not only do I want to help others I am looking forward to sustaining my healthy life. I have so much life to live and as I recover I am going to live my live to the fullest and try to help others who have gone through the same truma!

Thank you for joining me on my journey of reinventing myself!

Please support and share!


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