Water is healing! Water is powerful! 

I started aquatic therapy three weeks ago at the Drake Center. The exercises in the pool was a long-awaited revitalizing therapy. I have to alternate the type of therapy I participate in due to my current life situation and finances. It is better for me to participate in increments than not to participate in alternative therapies at all. 

My class is small and all of my peers are stroke survivors and we have a lot in common and we have great conversations. Among my peers, some of their professions consist of, a teacher, a construction worker, an engineer, a scientist, a doctor, and a data analyst. We have great conversations and the instructors are awesome! After my first day in aquatic therapy, I rested after I got home. I took a bath and went to sleep. It was the first sound sleep I had in a long time. I was able to get some muscles to move that I haven’t been able to move in a year in eight months. 

The therapy didn’t actually feel like exercise. It was fun and I enjoyed meeting my new friends. 

I know that everyone’s circumstance is not the same, however, wherever you are and you can participate in aquatic therapy for stroke patients it is well worth the sacrifice for the classes. In the pool, I am able to work on my balance, walking, and my strength on my right side.

Upon coming out of the water I felt like I could walk a little better and keep my balance more sturdy. Water for me is reassuring I am getting better every day!

I had a Stroke! I am a Stroke Survivor! I Am fluid-like Water!  

I Am Fluid Like Water

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