This past weekend (August 24 & 25), I volunteered for the YGB (Young Black Genius) Back to School Block Party that was sponsored by; Carl H. Linder YMCA, Talbert House, The Jimmy Canyon WE ARE KINGS Foundation and Goals of a CEO Mom.

 As a stroke survivor, it is important to ease back into a service world. A great way to do that is volunteering! Before my stroke, I was an executive director at a community nonprofit organization. My career was filling, and I was able to provide services to the community. Volunteering as a stroke survivor enables me to find fulfillment as I am recovering from a stroke.

 I was able to speak to community residents as I was passing out book bags, books, and school supplies on Saturday & Sunday, children received haircuts and hairstyles by local barbers and hairstylists. I was able to share my stroke recovery journey and educate community members on strokes, alternative stroke recovery, and pediatrics stroke. It was an amazing two-day event organized by Azizah Nubia Founder editor and chief of Natural Woman Magazine, Nzinga Byrd of Sweet Sistah Splash, James Evans of Five Barbers Elementz, and the MC for both days, LG Hillman.

It has always been a passion for me to give back to the community more now ever than before to show that a stroke is not a disease but a brain injury. Every step to recovery has a different insight for me. volunteering for me helps to uplift and remind me of my purpose. Stroke survivors can volunteer to do many things such as volunteering at hospitals, schools, special events and various nonprofit organizations that do not require heavy lifting or talking.

My name is Trazana A. Staples, I had a Stroke! I Am a Stroke Survivor! I am a Phoenix Rising!

August 24, 2019, YGB BLOCK PARTY Day 1
August 25, 2019, YGB BLOCK PARTY Day 2

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