For 15 years I was considered a full-fledged vegan. That changed when I spent some time in Capetown South Africa in 2015. However, besides fish, I still ate a clean diet with homegrown vegetables and herbs. I detox 4 times a year and I do periodic cleanses throughout the year. My neurologist, primary care physician, and chiropractor all have confirmed that my vegan lifestyle was partly responsible for saving my life. I had no underlying physical health conditions. My stroke was a Cryptogenic Stroke, the cause of my stroke is still not determined.

Since my stroke in 2017, I have a confession! I have dabbled in poultry and other sea animals, Not all the time, but every now and then. Although I eat and incorporate plants every day, I strive to go back to being 100% vegan. Because of workshops provided by The Center of Closing the Health Gap, I can get the support to help me go back to my veganism! This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to connect with some awesome ladies from my old stomping ground in Cleveland Ohio who reminded me about the benefits of healthy eating! Sadaqa Calhoun-Redus and Vegan Vicki!

My name is Trazana A. Staples and I had a STROKE! I AM a Stroke Survivor! I AM a Pheonix Rising!

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Your support is graciously needed! Thank you in advance!