This post is not necessarily stroke-related; however, it is EVERYBODY related!

Sometimes in life, we do not always see the process of things or the reasons what it is desired does not manifest the way we expect them to but must understand The Universe is at work and working for our better good. The Universe is saying to me, “things may look bad now, but we have a plan in place to make it better.” We may be learning a lesson or needing our lives to elevate higher. The words that continue to repeat in my mind throughout my healing process is “trust the process “whatever that may be. In my case, I am trusting the process regardless of if it is through people, places, and/or things and a to let go of control so that those things can happen for the betterment of me.

I have had to move or separate myself from relationships through my healing process and some of those relationships that had to end were harder than the stroke recovery process! Yet, I had to trust the purging process even when I cry, and it is heart-wrenching, as a Phoenix Rising, I must trust the process that I will emerge and ascend as a beautiful winged bird taking flight.

If I wish to be stronger than I was before! If I wish to be more powerful than I was before! I must trust in the healing process, better relationship process, restoring my finances process, I must trust in the process of my elevation.

Just as seeds are sown, not all seeds germinate, however, the plants that make it to maturity and bear fruit, we can be blessed to reap the harvest. Trusting in the seasons which is the process of growing.

My name is Trazana A. Staples! I had a Stroke! I Am a STROKE Survivor! I AM A Phoenix Rising!  

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