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To help support The Trazana A. Staples Alternative Stroke Recovery Fund courtesy of Wired Up n Stoned Out, enter the $10 raffle to win a chance at a customized set worth up to $100 per winner and HEM Incense package from Trazana’s Natural Essentials every 10 entries there will be one winner😊🥰😘


“When you know someone who is recovering from a stroke, it is important to know that social support, helps the healing process. Positive relationships and interpersonal interactions help prevent depression, which may promote optimal health and recovery after a stroke.

People with serious health problems such as cancer and stroke often notice that friends and well-wishers can be tongue-tied when they don’t know what to say. Stroke survivors are often met with artificial or exaggerated enthusiasm meant to cheer them up, or, at the other extreme, friends and family members can be tense while trying to avoid saying the wrong thing.

If you have a friend, a family member, or a co-worker who is recovering from a stroke, it is a lot easier when you know what he or she needs to hear.”

My name is Trazana A. Staples!

I had a Stroke!

I Am a Stroke Survivor!

I Am a Phoenix Rising!

$2 of Giving!

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