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“Pain in your joints and soft tissues (spasticity and contractures) A stroke can damage the way the nerves control your muscles. This can lead to muscles contracting for long periods or going into spasm, which can be painful. This muscle tightness is known as spasticity or hypertonia.


What Natural Pain relievers that work for Me!



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  A Powerful Inspirational Book

 by  Greg StallworthFlowers N Flames

Featuring Authors: Trazana A. Staples, Sandra K. Williams. Aimee Collins, Michele Morris (Patton), Gayle Brady (Pritchett), Ruth Wilson, Loretta Davis, Marquida Strayhorn, Martha Bonham, and Florence “Flo” Malone

Book Consultants: David Livers and Greg Grandison and Marketing Coordinator: Kristal Stallworth Ilboudo

My walk needs a soundtrack

By Tiffany Danielle Chisholm Pineda

“This book is divided into six sections that are a pretty good representation of time with Tiffany. They are “Word of the Day” because I love to read and share what I learn. “Dear Sweet Baby Jesus” because some things are too big for man to handle. “Tiffanyisms” because your thoughts determine your life and are unique to you. “A lil’ Petty” because no matter how enlighted you are sometimes you cannot help but speak to the stuff you see around you. “Random Rules” because whether you call them rules are not we”

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