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When I had my stroke I was also affected by Broca’s Aphasia. I have never heard of the term before and as my brain got stronger, I was able to use technology and search Google for more information. It’s been a year and 8 months since my stroke, however, every stroke is different for each person affected and everyone who is affected by aphasia their effects of the condition is different. When I had my first speech assessment on October 9, 2017, at Drake Center after my stroke the speech therapist explained to me that I had cognitive difficulties receiving and transmitting conversations, memory, dialogs, and expression. After six months of speech therapy, my cognition, memory, and word recall did improve. However, a year after my stroke, I was told that there was nothing more that could be done to help me improve my speech, cognition, and word recall because further healing of my brain would get better in time. My chiropractor at Apex Chiropractic and Wellness encouraged me to sing, repeat nursery rhymes, listen to music and refresh my practice of meditation & yoga. 

By February 2019, I had another aphasia assessment and it showed that I showed tremendous improvement with my speech, memory, word recall, my cognition, and conversation dialogue.

I have to practice reading, singing, word puzzles, and talking every day I don’t give myself a break!

This month I had another assessment, and the results showed that my aphasia has definitely improved. According to the assessment, my aphasia is only transmitted through verbal dialogue from myself to someone else. I have a hard time finding words to say but I have definitely gotten better since the last assessment. My memory has improved, my cognition has improved, my expression has improved, and my word recall has definitely improved. There has been a couple of folks who have tried to play ‘Jedi Mind Tricks’ on me and say, “maybe it was your aphasia!”, because they were trying to imply my memory was not recalling things that they said or they were not being honest regarding things we had spoken of in various conversations, they were not understanding what aphasia is and not knowing that there are many types of aphasia. When I’m calm and relax, I don’t have a problem with saying what I need to say, but when I am overly excited or upset, that’s when I can’t get my words out. When people over talk me and do not allow me to get my words out, or shout at me, it frustrates me. I’m not the same person I was a year and an 8 months ago and I am constantly reinventing myself like a caterpillar emerging from her cocoon. I am definitely not the same person I was before my stroke!! I am new and improved!

My Wellness Journey

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  1. KG MuDiwa KG MuDiwa

    My prayers have always been with you, Spirit Love.
    I will periodically put some $$ on it.

    Love, Prayers, Recovery!
    Mungu Akubariki

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