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Yes, I had a stroke!

My stroke has been a major set back but I am rising like a Phoenix.

What it means it I am temporarily disabled yet I am improving everyday. It means that because of the Aphasia, my speech is slow but my brain is still working hard to function as it once did.

What it does NOT mean is I am not mentally disabled! I does NOT mean that my feelings are not valid. It does NOT mean that people can speak to me without giving respect or dignity. It does NOT mean that people can treat me like I am not a person. Treat stoke survivors with compassion care and understanding. We are striving to be whole.

Fellow stroke survivors support me in ways that offer encouragement and in many cases many of us have lost our livelihood, However they donate what they can because they see the vision and they feel the need to help others.

My stroke has given me encouragement to get back to balance and to give back to others more so than I did before. My stroke has been a super power a new beginning and a reset of my life. 

May is Stroke Awareness Month







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