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Lose Control & Be Patient

Today is World Stroke Day!

I remember lying in the hospital room when I had my stroke and thinking I would be able to walk out of the hospital. Boy was I wrong! Each day would come and go and I was still in a wheelchair and I could not speak. The more I tried to control everything around me and outside of me the less impatient I would be. It was like I was fighting against gravity. It was my insecurities about my stroke that fueled my need for control and ultimately made me impatient.

Prior to the stroke, I don’t think I was never insecure about anything or either was I a controlling person, however, because of the stroke and aphasia, I became very insecure.

I had to learn how to relax and breathe through this phase of my life. I had to let go of all inhibitions so my healing process could begin. Don’t get me wrong, at times we need to be in control and at times we need to exercise impatience. However, for the most part, we must let go of the control and be more patient to allow the healing progress to take place. It has been two years in almost one month since I had the stroke and every rising in my meditations I asked for less control and more patience. I can only control myself, control my thoughts, and control my actions. In order for me to completely allow my healing process to begin, I had to let go of all things that were not in my control and exercise patience for my healing to begin.

I’m not 100% healed yet but the more I let go of the things outside of my control and exercise more patience, I am able to see the positive progress of my healing. I’m a walking, talking, and breathing miracle!  As my maternal grandfather, the late great Rev. Mozelle Miree Sr. would always say, “I’m kicking‘in but not too high”.

The more I focus on my healing, the more patience I have with myself and with others. 

My Name is Trazana A. Staples and I had a stroke! I am a Stroke Survivor! I am a Phoenix Rising!

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