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Kujichagulia: Self-Determination


One thing I have learned through this stroke recovery is that I must truly want to be healed and recover before it will manifest……and that’s for anything in my life. When you stop making excuses and not operate in fear or in the past The Multiverse will make things happen for your good!!! I am every day seeing Myself better, Loved and Happy! 

Stroke Recovery is hard work as a stroke survivor, we must get up and move every day to do something to strengthen our brain, our body, and our speech. There is no room for downtime. Every moment in stroke recovery is essential for our well-being. I may not ever get back to where I was physically before the stroke, however, I promised myself that I will get better than I was before the stroke. Self-Determination is key!

Kwanzaa amplifies the principles that I have always upheld in my life. 

Today is the second day and it is Kujichagulia; Self Determination. This principle is so fitting for my recovery. I must be determined in order for the NEW ME to be restored mind, body, and spirit. 

I cannot allow myself to lose focus on my stroke recovery. It is vital to my existence and not to mention by doing so I want to encourage others along the way! 

Thank you for watching and reading!! Enjoy this New Year and I wish you the best in 2020!!

My name is Trazana A. Staples and I had a stroke! I Am a stroke survivor! I Am a Phoenix Rising!! 

A very heart-filled appreciation and gratitude for all who see my vision and contributed in so many different ways to the Trazana A. Staples Alternative Recovery Fund started in June of 2019!

With your help, I have been able to get my website up and running, technical support, office supplies, & the First Annual Stroke & Aphasia Awareness Fundraiser! We have so much more we need to do, but this is a start!

Thank you all & I Love You!!

Peace, Love,& Light!


Alley Angel Artist Aphropik

Alvin Coleman 

Apex Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Audrey Armstead

Camille Parkerson 

Chef Mike Vinegar

Chefs At The Roundtable

Cheryl Johnson 

Daniel A. Jr & Kiana Miree Family 

Darrell Bouldin

David Lennon

Dennis Gardin

Donna-Michelle PerryPoindexter

Evelyn Fitzgerald

Gail Yisrael

Issac Thomas

Jahi Ngozi

John Williams

Joseph Staples

Keisha Edwards 

Kimberly Miree

Kimela Starchild

Kitty Vinegar

Lisa Jenkins 

Makanya Smith

Mark Tolbert

Mary Staples 

Melanie Malloy

Michaela Oldham 

Monica Ciszczon

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Simmons  Family

Nicole Miree-Reid

Owan Purcell 

Revel Winery (John Coleman,Anthony Maieron,Alex Sena)

Robert Killians

Robin & David Pack & Family

Sandi Dunlop

Sonny Blu (Prisilla Nash)

Tabari & Vanessa Jones

Tanya Collins

The Health Gap (Renee Mahaffey-Harris)

Urusha Adkins

Vicki Stokes

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