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I’m a stroke survivor. What does coronavirus (COVID-19) mean for me?

Most people who get coronavirus (COVID-19) will recover quickly, but some people can have more severe symptoms including pneumonia. You’re at greater risk of complications if you are an older person, or have a health condition like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease or chronic kidney disease. Having a suppressed immune system or being on some treatments like steroids and chemotherapy may also make you more at risk.

Stroke survivors have been telling us that they are worried about the coronavirus. Many people who have a stroke belong to an at-risk group, such as older people and those with health conditions, so we understand that it’s a real concern for many. 

What help is available?

If you are affected by stroke

If you have had a stroke, or you’re a carer, you can follow our updates about coronavirus (COVID-19) on this website. If you’re in touch with a Stroke Association Coordinator, or being cared for by a community stroke team, contact them for information.

You can find information and practical advice about life and wellbeing after stroke on our website. Our online self-management tool, My Stroke Guide, lets you speak to other people online. And if you want someone to talk to, call our Helpline on 0303 3033 100.

If you have a health condition 

The links below will help you find advice and information about dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19) if you have health conditions including:

You can also find advice on managing anxiety and looking after your mental health

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