Prior to my stroke, my phone rang constantly, and my email was constantly sending me notifications. I was always invited to attend family gatherings, friends’ parties, public/private/social and leisurely events, and speaking engagements. I felt I was relevant in the lives of people who were important to me and hopefully I to them.

However, since the stroke, the invitations have ceased. At first, I thought it was because of my physical mobility and my speech, even though I have considerable improvements every day in my recovery. Still, I am not invited to those activities that I once was invited to. I asked myself, “why people are no longer inviting me to events, gatherings, family fun outings, and parties? Surely, they are not assuming I don’t want to attend without ever being asked?”

What stroke survivors and I want others to know is WE ARE STILL RELEVANT! The human touch, human interaction, and love that helps us to recover even faster. Just like any health disparity whether it is cancer, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, or old age ect…We still need to know we are still relevant to the lives of our loved ones.

One of the major reasons I am blogging about my wellness journey is to be a voice for those just like me! If anyone who cares to read my journey it is my hope that through my journey I can shed light for others like me and will explain my point of view. Just like people are different, so are strokes and the recovery process is different for each of us. In some cases, most stroke survivors lost our livelihood, and the things that brought us joy and purpose, and passion. Sometimes we need to be uplifted. We’ve had to maneuver through a lot of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical limitations from a stroke. Life for us is very different from the life we once knew. What I am trying to say is we are still relevant! Not all the stroke survivors are in wheelchairs, not all of us need special accommodations, but most of us need the love of friends and family to encourage us so that can feel relevant again. It can be a lonely road to recovery.

Of course, there are those who have a hidden agenda that uses the vulnerability of others for their own selfish agendas, but that is another blog for another day. We need people to keep their word to do with they say they will do and show up when they say they will show up and include us in moments of togetherness. We are not aliens because we have had a stroke. We are still relevant!

I had a stroke! I am a Stroke Survivor!! I am still relevant! I am a Phoenix rising!

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