I continue to remind people that I have had a stroke. I am a stroke survivor! That does not mean I’m using my stroke as a crutch it does not mean I want a pity party it does not mean I have given up on life. What it does mean that I am constantly reinventing myself. It means I am not the same person I was before the stroke. It means I have to try harder and do more to use my brain and my body at my ultimate capacity. 

I don’t process words like I used to, my body does not function the way it used to, it takes me longer to get dressed, it takes me longer to write my name and address, but every day is an improvement from the day before.

As a stroke survivor, this is one of the major issues I would like others who have not been through a life-altering change, is that we need you to understand us, we need you to have compassion for us, and we need you to remember that we are overcomers. 

 Often times many people who knew me before my stroke say things such as, “I still see you as the same person you were before the stroke.”

However, what they don’t understand is that I am not the same person I was before the stroke. Outside the physical change, cognitive change, and emotional change there are some changes that can not be seen. My outlook on life is very different now, I  process things spiritually, mentally, physically and much more different than I ever have before. As I remind people that “I have had a stroke” it is not to say “I am using my stroke as a crutch”, or for sympathy. But it is simply saying, as a reminder to everyone around me and to people I meet that “I am a Stroke Survivor!” I am not a charity case, in fact, I am an inspiration to others who have had a life-altering experience such as a stroke. I am triumphant!

As I am learning to use the NEW ME, I have the blessing to view my life with an entirely different perspective about life more than ever before. Yeah, I am not the same person I was a year and nine months ago. I am ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-loving, always grateful, and ever forgiving. 

Your support is graciously needed! Thank you in advance!

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