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Personality changes after stroke can be distressing, but they’re not always permanent. Depression is treatable. Talk to your healthcare provider about talk therapy, support groups and anti-depressant drugs. In a situation involving impulsiveness or inappropriate behavior, behavioral interventions may help. 



Comprehensive Stroke Center


My name is Trazana A. Staples!

I had a Stroke!

I Am a Stroke Survivor!

I Am a Phoenix Rising!

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A Powerful Inspirational Book by Greg Stallworth
Featuring Authors:

Trazana A. Staples, Sandra K. Williams. Aimee Collins, Michele Morris (Patton), Gayle Brady (Pritchett), Ruth Wilson and Martha Bonham
Book Consultants: David Livers and Greg Grandison and Marketing Coordinator: Kristal Stallworth Ilboudo

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