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“Confidence, then, is of the material or of the physical sense – while FAITH is an attribute of the soul and spiritual body.” Edgar Cayce reading 281-10

“Faith, the substance of things hoped for, evidences of things unseen. Using that known brings those attunements, those emoluments in every form, that makes for CREATIVE Forces in themselves – which is, must be, the basis of faith.” Edgar Cayce reading 262-12

 “Strong religious beliefs can protect stroke patients from emotional distress, perhaps aiding recovery, according to a new Italian study. Emotional distress, particularly depression, has been shown in other research to negatively affect recovery during a stroke patient’s hospitalization or after discharge.”

My name is Trazana A. Staples!

I had a Stroke!

I Am a Stroke Survivor!

I Am a Phoenix Rising!

$2 of Giving!

 still in progress!

*** Postponed due to COVID19***


Stroke & Aphasia Awareness


Alternative Stroke Recovery Fundraiser

Date TBA

A virtual gathering will take place

 Saturday, June 6, 2020


Details Coming soon

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