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  A Powerful Inspirational Book

 by  Greg Stallworth

Featuring Authors: Trazana A. Staples, Sandra K. Williams. Aimee Collins, Michele Morris (Patton), Gayle Brady (Pritchett), Ruth Wilson, Loretta Davis, Marquida Strayhorn, Martha Bonham, and Florence “Flo” Malone

Book Consultants: David Livers and Greg Grandison and Marketing Coordinator: Kristal Stallworth Ilboudo

My name is Greg Stallworth, Principal Author of the powerful inspirational book BEHIND MY STORM. This anthology involves ten women authors from across the country who share their storms (life stories) to show how they were able to overcome obstacles and barriers in the midst of a storm using what we call the five principles of life, PRAYER, PERSEVERANCE, PURPOSE, PATIENCE, and PEACE to make it through our storms. As the country work through this pandemic and other perilous and demanding life issues, we pray that reading BEHIND MY STORM will inspire you and others. Thanks to the following authors Martha Bonham, Gayle Brady (Pritchett), Aimee Collins, Loretta Davis, Michele Morris (Patton), Trazana A. Staples, Sandra K. Williams, Marquida Strayhorn, Floetic Malone, and Dr. Ruth Wilson for their dedication and commitment to this book.  Look forward to your reading BEHIND MY STORM.        

Greg Stallworth is a successful Playwright and Author and Principal Author of the upcoming inspirational book BEHIND MY STORM from Cincinnati, Ohio. After twenty years of creatively putting on stage plays regionally, Greg decided to write novels of various genres. starting with a book Double Deceived, a romantic mystery based on a stage play he had written. He also successfully penned a mystery thriller titled Cross Wires that was published in 2019. His current book titled Behind My Storm is a powerful inspirational book that includes a collection of life storms also known as life stories written by seven women authors who have survived storms in their lives through prayer, persistence, purpose, patience, and promise. Greg’s works have been accepted into the 2015 National Black Theater Festival and awarded the National Playwrights on Parade recognition in 2017.  Greg’s aspirations is that the upcoming book BEHIND MY STORM gets national recognition.

Michele Morris (Patton)

Michele Morris was raised in Lincoln Heights, Ohio a suburb outside Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a divorcee and a proud mother of three.

With a career that spans more than 30 years, Michele has worked in retail sales, customer service, office management, and as a small business entrepreneur. She has varied experiences from serving a two-year term as councilwoman to managing a mini-mart both in Lincoln Heights. Michele realized one of her dreams to be a real estate professional before she changed her focus to time management, productivity consulting, professional organizing, and public speaking. She continues to be a volunteer with the Amputee Coalition as a Certified Peer Visitor.

As a new author, Michele is now using her unique experiences, creative talents, skills, and abilities to being able to write about her storm. In addition to writing her first book that will soon be published, she is also currently working on her second book.

Her current aspirations are to become a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Time Management Coach, a Certified Motivational Speaker, to do more public speaking events, and to offer seminars.

Michele’s other interests include reading, sewing, crocheting, painting, and meeting new people. She hopes to be an inspiration to others weathering their own storms. God has blessed her to be a blessing.


Trazana A. Staples

Trazana A. Staples is a native of Cincinnati Ohio. She is a product of Avondale, Kennedy Heights, Lincoln Heights, and Forest Park. She holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School, a Bachelor of Science Degree from Trevecca Nazarene University in Management and Human Relations, and an Associate of Science Degree from Xavier University; Ohio, in Criminal Justice. In addition, she is an alumnus of Class 31 is the Neighborhood Leadership Institute Cleveland.

She is a longtime advocate for healthy food, food security, community, and environmental sustainability. She is also an author, songwriter, and ecopreneur.

On October 3, 2017, she survived a massive cryptogenic stroke. In an effort to reinvent herself, she is fulfilling her passion to help support and teach communities about stroke awareness and alternative &

complimentary recovery methods. As well as providing healthy food and nutritional education, while enlightening all to a natural healthy way of living.

Sandra K. Williams

Sandra K. Williams is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in the neighborhoods of Madisonville, South and North Avondale. Sandra is the youngest of a loving blended family. She is a divorced mother of two lovely women and a Grandmother to a precious Granddaughter. The bond between a Grandmother and a Granddaughter has the most precious meaning many have ever seen.

She proudly holds an Associate and a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management from the University of Phoenix. These degrees aided Sandra in the quest to lose more than three hundred life-saving pounds helping not only herself but also to help others understand the importance of being one’s self-health advocate. For more than a decade of transporting children with disabilities and disabled adults, Sandra embraced dozens of long term trusting friendships. Sandra continues to assist many with a welcoming smile and a loving and kind heart as a licensed substitute teacher of children with special needs and as a certified Direct Support Professional (DSP).

In May 2019, Sandra had to revisit her own self-health advocacy with a devastating diagnosis of HER2 Stage 2 Breast Cancer that required extensive chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. This is the same Breast Cancer that taken three Sisters, several Nieces, and her Beloved Mother. With the odds stacked against her through genetics, Sandra tirelessly fought against deadly side effects. After a year and a half of fighting, she was diagnosed with a second bout of Breast Cancer, this time Stage 4. Still fueled with the strength to fight and the unselfish desire to continue to encourage others to be strong Sandra displays one of the prettiest and sweetest smiles. Knowing her purpose and praising God for all her blessings she presses on.


Gayle Brady (Pritchett)

Born hearing impaired Gayle was raised in Lincoln Heights, Ohio. She is the loving wife of Gregg Brady. Gayle is a proud and loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Her hobbies include cooking and dancing. Gayle worked for over 17 years as a Nurses’ Aide and also in a local food factory. Gayle has spoke and given her testimony at various churches and shelters about her life storm. She is a strong believer in GOD and because of GOD was able to beat cancer two years ago after a five-month battle with this disease. Gayle wrote her first book that is currently in the Library of Congress tilted MY FATHER’S WISHES. Gayle is also the President of her family’s national family reunion. 

Dr. Ruth Wilson

Dr Ruth Wilson was born in Louisville, KY where she has been a longtime resident. She is the Pastor and founder of Shekinah Glory International Ministries. She is a true woman of faith, who meets no strangers; author of eight books; non-fiction and spiritual.

She is the epitome of a volunteer in our local community having volunteered for Dare to Care for fifteen years, and even having the opportunity to assist young children increase their reading skills in our local school district. She even goes a step further and encourages our young teenagers to be the best they can be and to know their self-worth no matter what others may say. She spent over twenty-six years encouraging men and women in our local jails and state prisons throughout the state of KY; letting them know their current situation doesn’t define who they are.

Pastor Ruth has also spent years going to the hospital encouraging and uplifting the sick and even going out in our local community to feed the homeless.

Pastor Ruth Wilson is a selfless person that will go the extra mile to help anyone in need; whether it’s taking time to sit on the ground in the middle of Times Square with a homeless woman; then taking her back to her hotel to shower, giving her new fresh clothing and feeding her; to maxing out credit cards to buy clothes and toys for children of incarcerated parents. She doesn’t mind sacrificing to make sure that others have

She has received several community awards including the Ross E Jessup award for her unselfish devotion to those incarcerated, the R.C Watts community excellence award; as well as the Metro Counsel naming a day in her honor.

Believing that nothing is beyond the reach of determination; her favorite saying is “I will die empty having fulfilled my divine purpose” and she is definitely on the road to achieving this goal.

Aimee Collins

My name is Aimee Collins I am 34 years old, I have 2 daughters and I am a Licensed Practical Nurse. I have been a nurse for 1.5 years, but I have worked in healthcare for 12.5 years. I have had trials and tribulations like most people and look forward to sharing my story on how I didn’t let any of the adversities I’ve been through stop me from pursuing my dream job of being a Nurse. I hope my story helps to inspire others to keep persevering and don’t let nothing stop you from pursuing your dreams!

Loretta Davis

Meet Loretta Davis, a mother of three and proud grandmother to 5 beautiful grandchildren. A graduate of Tiffin University, earning her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She is also known to many as the founder of a women’s group called, women’s empowerment of Cincinnati. As well as Broken into Beautiful, which was branded in 2020 to allow those who have suffered trauma to know that all things broken can be made beautiful. Loretta has survived and overcame many obstacles starting at an early age including physical and sexual assault and being in foster care. Its those moments that has allowed Loretta to form a personal relationship with the Lord. As years went on Loretta was still facing tough challenges, one major being in 2009. Loretta was given 2 days to live ,but was also given a second chance at life by having a liver transplant days following the bad news . Those rough and uncertain challenges helped ignite a passion in Loretta towards building a brand for herself, allowing her to learn what it means to be resilient. And within that time of rebuilding herself and new brand Loretta also used those experiences to practice motivational speaking, empowerment, advocacy, and life coaching services within her organization and community. Loretta gained a new philosophy that has helped her in empowering women and coaching them so that can too reach phenomenal levels in their lives. Teaching others around her that even a life changing event delivers a powerful passionate statement of survival and determination. She has dedicated her life to helping women overcome tough obstacles that may hinder their full potential and true purpose. As well as working with at risk families, she has been able to provide case management and mentoring services to young women. During a special summers program Loretta has been recognized for providing over $10,000 hours of volunteer services to her community. She wishes to continue to implement all of these healthy measures within her community and organizations to help keep all women and children safe and resilient.

Martha Bonham

Martha Bonham (Grandison) was born in Darlington, Al. Her family consisted of 11 children where she was number 9 eventually moving to Mobile, Al. She and her late husband Willie Bonham raised their 3 successful children in Prichard, Al. Martha was born to a hardworking sharecropper that instilled the morals and values she continues to live by today. Her love for people led to a long life of caring for any and everyone including strangers, family, and friends. Blount High School prepared her college life. Southwest State Technical College trained her to be a LPN. She didn’t stop there, earning her RN license at Bishop State Community College and practicing in the field for 31 years.

After being forced to retire from nursing due to several surgeries she became a community activist in Prichard. She is the past President of Prichard City Federation of Women’s Clubs and Youth affiliates. Mrs. Bonham organized the Bullshead Community Action Group. She’s also had involvement in various community groups in the city of Prichard. She is considered mother and auntie of many and has been an active member of Mt. Carmel Church Ministries for many years. She is a widow, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Coming to the aid of many she still continues to care and nurse all who need her. 

Marquida Strayhorn

My name is Marquida Strayhorn. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am a mother of two. I have a twin daughter and son. I am a devoted mother to my children. I was born and raised in the city of Lincoln Heights, Ohio. I graduated from Princeton High School in 1996. I went on to work and enjoy life.. My hobbies are cooking, watching movies, and spending time with my family and friends. I am so happy to be part of the literary team of ladies adding their life storm in the book BEHIND MY STORM. GOD has been a real blessing for me and my family.  

Florence “Flo” Malone

Minster Florence” Floetic Flo” Malone Crump, wife to Michael Crump, is a published author and a recorded artist of 2 spoken word CD’s. She is a mother to 3 children but God has blessed her to have many children. In August of 2018, Florence’s storm became a hurricane first with her mother’s death after a long battle of dementia. Second, Florence was diagnosed with Triple negative stage 2 Breast Cancer and then her husband became terminally ill with Covid-19 but survived. Florence believes that we have to help the youth in each of our individual communities and learn to express themselves through art rather than worldly endeavors. Besides being an artist, Florence or Flo works at Cincinnati Preschool Promise as their Outreach & Enrollment Manager. She is involved in different community efforts such as Early Child Succeeds, Childhood poverty collaboration, and the Westend Community Garden. Florence is passionate and instrumental in spreading the word of God. Flo was nominated for “Most Conscience Poet” of 2013 and selected as “Most Inspirational Poet” of 2013 in Cincinnati Ohio. Florence is excited on this journey in ministry and looks forward to any future assignments.


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