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Alternative Stroke Recovery

Since I have had my stroke my cognitive communications has improved. However,I still need help and technology makes it easy. When I had my stroke on October 3, 2017 I could not communicate with the outside world. I could not speak and I could not write.It’s took me about two months to really learn how to use my Iphone. With the help of brain puzzle a friend sent to me my brain got stronger. In about eight months later another friend sent me a link to the dragon software. With the Dragon software where I was able to begin writing my book. Technology has been my side arm!! although I need to do a lot of editing. Which technology allows me to communicate on social media platforms. Please don’t think this is me doing all the typing. It is the technology that is helping me. There are several ways you can help me raise the funds to begin my. Any amount is a help and it’s greatly appreciate it!

Phoenix Rising


Download "Cash App" & Donate To: $TrazanaStaples
Your support is graciously needed! Thank you in advance!

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