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This past weekend I attended a creative expression healing workshop through The Center Of Closing The Health Gap facilitated by Sadaqa Calhoun-Redus . We danced, began vision boards, created affirmation jars, and created a creative expression portrait. This was just what I needed for energy release after a trying stressful week. As I am recovering from my stroke, I often use artistic creation as part of my alternative stroke recovery therapy.

 I listen to music, dance, paint, bead, write positive affirmations, color, and write poetry, even though my speech and drawing/handwriting are not perfect, the therapy helps me strive for perfect recovery.  Not only does the creative side of me helps my brain and mind to heal it also helps my right hand to strengthen, which was also affected by the stroke. The creative expressions through art have helped me not to slip back into a depressed state of mind and ultimately keeps my mind at peace dealing with life as I know it now. Also, these types of therapeutic exercises help me to improve my thought process and communication cognition. Music and singing have helped me recover from the aphasia, speech, and memory recall. Attending the workshop at The Center For Closing The Health Gap allowed me to socialize with others.

I’ve had a stroke; I spend a lot of time alone besides. The creative arts do not cost any money. I can be creative alone or socialize with a group.

“Creative arts-based therapies refer to interventions that usually apply one major art form as a medium to achieve a physiological, psychosocial, social, or any other therapeutic goals. Hence, the type of art form can include music, dance movement, visual arts, creative writing, and drama’ (Temmy Lee Ting Lo,1 Janet Lok Chun Lee,1 and Rainbow Tin Hung Ho1,2,3,*, 2018) Research has shown that creative expression helps improve the recovery of the brain and the physical functions of the body.

Before my stroke, I was very creative which were gifts handed down through my DNA by my parents. Those same gifts are helping me to recover mind, body, and spirit. Artistic expressions are excellent ways to heal as an alternative stroke recovery! It does not need to be perfect just just keep it moving, grooving, painting. and expressing your healing!

This week’s message I was reminded to express myself and be creative!

My name is Trazana A. Staples, I had a Stroke! I am a Stroke Survivor! I Am A Phoenix Rising!
Dancing and music is healing

Your support is graciously needed! Thank you in advance!

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Your support is graciously needed! Thank you in advance!

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