36,500 DAYS


In the past two weeks, my energy was very low and I was sad. All I wanted to do is stay in bed, turn off the lights, close the windows and cry. I decided to go outside and get some fresh air. One of my neighbors was sitting outside and I began sharing with him my disappointments and the sorrows I had the past two weeks. Disappointments with people close to me and sorrows for others close to me. I was pouring my heart out and he listened intently.

When he responded to me, what he shared with me was so profound. My neighbor and I both had traumatic brain injuries. He had a brain aneurysm that did not lead to a stroke and I had a massive cryptogenic stroke. We often talk about how the world has changed and how people have changed in our lives since we are no longer able to provide as much as we used for them before the brain injury. There is very little compassion from those we cared for before our brain injuries.

What he said was, “if we live to be 100 years old we would have live 36,500 days. Since you and I are in our 50’s we don’t have too many of those days left on earth. It is very difficult not to be emotional about breakups, traumas, and tragedies of any kind especially after a brain injury, our emotions are heightened like a perception of a superhero. However, the more we focus on the positives of the 36,500 days the better we will end up feeling and being.

Life is short and we don’t have too many days to mess around with people who are not in our lives to stay in positive loving relationships. Let the drama go and if someone is in our lives that is not adding to our days in joy we have let them go too.”

When I think about the days, I have left in this life, I remind myself how important connections are with others. Sometimes, because of aphasia, I cannot always get the thoughts and words out of my mouth that I would like to say. This is why technology comes in handy. I can email, text, or make a post on social media to express my thoughts and communicate with others who want to communicate with me.

To me, every moment counts and when people especially loved ones refused to communicate with me for whatever reason that is a sign of emotional-abusive behavior and I refuse to waste any of my days with any type of people with behaviors that are not loving and peaceful toward me.

I choose to make each day of my life count in positive behavior for me and others around me.

The moral of this week’s blog is to make each day count because one of the only things we cannot get back is time! Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet, and NOW is all we have. Cherish your days.

My name is Trazana A. Staples! I had a Stroke! I Am A Stroke Survivor! I Am a Phoenix Rising!


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